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Take part in Mercer’s 2021 Talent Trends Survey

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Share your thoughts on navigating the opportunities and risks presented by today’s uncertain conditions.

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How are you adapting and reinventing for a radically different world?

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented health and economic challenges to companies and their employees. Combine those challenges with a global reckoning on racial inequality, and organizations have had no choice but to begin reshaping work so everyone can survive and thrive.

Around the world, we have also witnessed unprecedented acts of empathy and innovation. In fact, compassionate reinvention is seen everywhere and HR is a leading player.

The team at Mercer are looking for HR leaders to share their perspectives in their 2021 Global Talent Trends Study. They want to hear about your aspirations. They want to learn about your strategies and tactics. They want to see how you’ll activate sustainable transformation.

Access the survey

Lend your voice by taking the short survey today and you will be among the first to explore the findings and insights, globally and in the UK.


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