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HRD Tech Roundup - May 6th 2019

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Collaboration and talent-centric ingenuity drive innovation the world of HR Technology this week, as Facebook and SAP SuccessFactors make job postings social, Slack and Zoom make video conferencing easier than ever, and Google help you to find a job that fits your favourite commuting style.

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Welcome to the HRD Tech Roundup – your one-stop update of everything happening in the world of HR Technology.

Collaboration and talent-centric ingenuity drive innovation the world of HR Technology this week, as Facebook and SAP SuccessFactors make job postings social, Slack and Zoom make video conferencing easier than ever, and Google help you to find a job that fits your favourite commuting style.

So what’s been happening?

Key Players Announcements:

  • Facebook is joining forces with SAP SuccessFactors. The collaboration allows SAP SuccessFactors to distribute job postings through the social networking site (via Workforce).
  • Slack has partnered with cloud video communications vendor Zoom to improve video capabilities for Slack users. The integration allows users to launch a Zoom meeting directly from Slack using the /zoom slash command (via Computer World).
  • Google has added innovative functionality to its Cloud Talent Solutions that allows job searches by preferred commute method and mode of transit. The modes of transit include walking, cycling, driving and public transport (via HR Technologist).

More HRD Tech News

  • Spoke has announced an expansion of its AI capabilities with contextual knowledge, allowing Spoke to identify an employee’s location, department and employment type to offer personalised responses to employee queries (via HR Technologist).
  • Visier has launched a strategic initiative with Insperity, an HR business and solutions provider. The collaboration will enable Insperity’s HR platform to be power with people analytics from Visier (via PR Newswire).
  • Phenom People has announced the launch of a Talent Experience Management Platform, or TXM, intended to connect interactions throughout candidate lifecycles via a holistic approach, which offers combined technology to enhance candidates’ user experience (via Globe Newswire).

Tech Founder Interview

“Businesses are successful because of their people. People in companies thrive when they see growth and personal development and an environment which creates life-long learning. HR technologies enable this, as they help busy professionals to access, digest and accelerate learning.”

In this installment of our Tech Founders series, Ujjwal Gupta, Chief Operating Officer & Cofounder at BenchPrep discusses the centrality of HR technology in enabling driving business success. Read the full interview.

HR Tech Influencer Spotlight

Who’s been causing a stir in HR Tech this week?

Influencer of the week

We’ve been loving Emma Unuode’s sharp insight and intelligent leadership this week. A thrilling and forward-thinking approach to HR Technology.

Tweet of the week

Andrew Spence had us laughing in the office this week, but raising an interesting point. How can blockchain truly impact the HR function?

Quote of the week

“The shift in younger-generation employees is a natural extension of the work/life balance debate. The majority of people now are always connected, and therefore always have work on their minds. Therefore, they feel that there is no separation of work and life.”

Bruce Morton, Head of Strategy, Allegis Global Solutions and talent acquisition expert, breaks down the challenges of the multi-generational workforce, and the age of the ‘Talentsumer’. Read the full article here.

That’s all for this week. Join the conversation below.

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