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What’s the future of talent and how’s the landscape changing?

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Planning the footprint and talent needed in each location has always been one of my top priorities, how is this crafted? David Roberts explains further. 

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I’ve always blended between outsourcing our needs and building in-house teams leveraging the employer brand.

The dynamics across these two approaches depend on; access to talent, availability of internal resource or budget and urgency of need. However, I feel the landscape has become even more complex in recent years.


The complexity arises from the effect and uncertainty of Brexit, companies having more emergent strategies thus emergent or reactive workforce planning, fluidity of job changes increasing and changing demands of people in work. Newer generations also have different digital behaviours, and this includes finding new job opportunities.

If you take digital behaviours as one example, we as employers need to think differently how we reach the target audience. Job boards are reducing in use and Social media and content digestion are an every-day accordance. Subsequently, exploring how we can get compelling content in front of a targeted market is important and this will reach potential employees as well as improve employer branding.

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The targeting can be achieved through using data on potential employees, current employee networks and targeted social media campaigns.

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