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IBM Webinar: The Augmented Workforce & The Future of Work

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As we continue to bush boundaries, AI and cognitive thinking is set to transform the way we work drastically in the coming years. Hear from IBM Europe’s, Chief HR Officer, Gary Kildare as he discusses the what’s next for AI and the Future of Work. What will the future organisation look like? And what do we as a profession need to consider today, in order to prepare for this unchartered territory.

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Gary Kildare, Chief HR Officer, IBM Europe
Gary Kildare is an energetic and progressive international business leader. He has deep knowledge of complex business talent and people management across many different countries and cultures. He has lead transformational change reflecting technology and market shifts from software and services to the social, mobile, digital and the emerging, artificial intelligence agenda. He has served as Chief HR Officer for Global Business Services (IBM’s consulting business), Global Vice President of HR for Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific with accountability for over 430,000 employees worldwide, Chief HR Officer for Global Technology Services Division and is currently Chief HR Officer IBM Europe. He is currently based in Madrid and is a member of IBMs Growth & Transformation Team (a group of Senior Executives appointed by the CEO to provide Global Leadership across key strategic areas).

Outside of IBM Gary is a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a GlobalScot and sits on the Criticaleye Advisory Board. He has served as a Non-Executive Director of Education Scotland, as a member of the Scottish Government’s Education study – ‘The Curriculum for Excellence’, a Non-Executive Director of the National Skills Academy (Financial Services), a Non-Executive advisor to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC); a member of the HRMC People Committee and Pay Review Committee; and a member of the CBI Business Council for Scotland. He received an honorary doctorate from Edinburgh Napier University in June 2012.

This session was hosted by Hive Learning

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