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Last chance to enter your organisation's workplace innovation for a HR Distinction Award

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In January Nupur Mallick of Tata Consultancy Services (pictured) won the HR Director of the Year 2016 title at a glittering gala dinner. Entries are now open for the 2017 Awards.

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Time is running out to have your organisation’s workforce initiatives recognised in the HR Distinction Awards 2017.

The Distinction in Employee Engagement Award recognises an organisation which has demonstrates a fresh take on employee engagement and delivered real organisational benefits.

This is the first time the category has been included, reflecting the importance with which this is now seen within the corporate world. Entries are open now.


In January, Nupur Mallick of Tata Consultancy Services (pictured) won the HR Director of the Year 2016 title at a glittering gala dinner.

Winners were crowned in 11 other categories reflecting the depth and expertise within the HR field.

You and your HR team could be added to the list of winners.

Follow these four steps to submit your HR Distinction Awards application:

  1. Register your account by visiting hrdistinction.awardsplatform.com
  2. Select a category, you are able to enter the same initiative in multiple categories. We do advise that you read each category description carefully and adjust your entry copy to ensure that you reflect the particular criteria in each new category
  3. Complete your entry and add your supporting materials to your entry where necessary
  4. Submit your entry online for judging. You can go back and edit your application by logging into your account at any time until the entry deadline

The deadline for entries is 28 October.


If you have any questions on the categories and the judging criteria, please contact the HR Distinction Awards Team at [email protected] or on +44(0)20 8080 9181.


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