Unlocking the Potential of HR Data to Future-Proof Businesses

by The Access Group | E-book

During the pandemic, HR teams became known for making decisions quickly and – in most instances – effectively, moving their workforce to virtual environments with relative ease. However, post-pandemic, the burden of being innovators is becoming apparent.

HR leaders are now expected to provide senior leadership teams with information to drive strategic decision-making. They need to know if employees are performing as they should, if the workforce is ‘happy’, do they require more learning and development opportunities, are they hiring the right talent.

To do their job effectively, HR teams need to leverage the power of employee data. Teams are used to collecting traditional data sets – general employee data, onboarding information, and exit interviews. But they are less tuned in to the importance of regular employee feedback, absence data, and training records.

This report provides insight on whether HR teams yet realise the full potential of HR data and whether investments into analytical tools are a possibility. It also touches upon where HR leaders see the greatest potential for HR data analysis in the years ahead.

To know more, download the full report below.

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