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The State of Talent Optimization Report

by The Predictive Index | Talent

Talent optimization helps businesses avoid the sting of resignation by putting people in roles where they soar.

The Great Resignation. Mass Exodus. Big Quit. Whatever you call it, employee attrition is dominating headlines and putting work as we know it under the microscope.

Much like COVID-19, many thought The Great Resignation would have a quick resolution. The reality has been anything but—and it’s throwing leaders for a loop.

Workers are tired and frustrated. They’re realizing time is their greatest and scarcest asset, and they want to make the most of it. So, they’re reassessing why they work—and quitting to find what truly drives them.

What exactly is it they’re looking for? The answer’s complex—but that’s because people are complex. Their needs are constantly evolving, and there’s no one golden path to solving those needs.

As the following report shows, companies that have the best odds of combatting churn recognize the value of their people, and put them in environments where they thrive. And they’re achieving that success with talent optimization.

Download your complimentary copy below.

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