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Moving L&D to systematic and strategic impact: the technology infrastructure needed

by Coursera & Emerge | Learning & Development

Living and working through the pandemic has prompted many people to rethink what’s important to them, prioritising flexibility and fulfilment. At the same time, the operational shift to remote working and wider economic tumult means organisations are re-examining their business strategies, workforce models, values and culture.

Learning and development (L&D) sits at the centre of this transformation. L&D practitioners are still responsible for producing high-impact, high-quality learning experiences, but they are now also being handed bigger, more complex problems to solve, helping whole organisations adapt to unprecedented change. L&D is supporting employees with their need for growth and purpose, and they’re grappling with the urgent challenges of reshaping and future-proofing entire organisations.

Moving L&D to systematic and strategic impact is based on research interviews with 30+ CEOs, heads of learning and development, and policymakers, alongside a survey of almost 100 learning and development practitioners. It explores L&D’s role within organisations, and the shift from measuring engagement to showing business impact.

It outlines three key areas where L&D can get closer to the business, and offers recommendations for learning and development practitioners, organisations, policymakers and founders.

Download your complimentary of the report by Coursera and Emerge for all the key findings and recommendations.

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