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Living the Dream? Aon DC Pension and Financial Wellbeing Member Survey 2018

by Aon | HR Technology

This year, Aon has extended its annual Defined Contribution (DC) research beyond employees’ pensions and examined their current financial health as well as their expectations for retirement.

What we have found is compelling. On the whole, employees are optimistic about their finances, but their perceptions and reality often do not match up.

The research report breaks the findings into five sections:

  • looking at employees’ dreams of financial peace of mind
  • examining real people and real challenges
  • exploring how people can make sure they have enough money at retirement
  • assessing aims and ambitions for retirement
  • and looking at ways employers can help their employees make financial wellbeing a reality

With practical advice for employers, including suggested actions and a checklist of potential next steps, the DC Pension and Financial Wellbeing Member Survey 2018 is essential reading for any DC scheme sponsor or trustee looking to improve outcomes for their members.

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