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Leading HR into the future: 4 skills the HR leader of the future needs to thrive

by Sage | Learning & Development

Four skills the HR leader of the future needs to thrive 

According to Sage People’s research report, ‘The changing face of HR’, the top skills HR leaders identified as important for the future were also the areas where leaders feel they have the biggest gaps:

  1. Communications
  2. People analytics
  3. Creativity
  4. Tech savviness

Leading HR into the future: plugging the skills gap

Plugging these gaps is now more important than ever, as analyst Mollie Lombardi explains.

“Disruption brings several challenges into much sharper focus,” she said. “HR must be more flexible and agile to changing business and employee needs.”

The big question is: how will you lead your HR team into the future?

Download the paper ‘Leading HR into the future’, written by analyst Mollie Lombardi in partnership with Sage People, to get started today.

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