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HR in the moment: Impact through insights

by Sage | Digital Transformation

If recent history has taught us anything, it’s that the only thing we canbe certain of is uncertainty itself. HR and People leaders have had to be adaptable, flexible, and resilient like never before, in the face of some of the most extreme challenges in living memory. What’s clear is that HR responded incredibly effectively to these most extraordinary, rapid changes to the world of work.

In this, our second in a series of research reports from Sage on ‘HR in the moment’, we pick up the thread from the first report, Changing perceptions of HR, which examined how HR fared during the pandemic.

This edition looks more closely at HR’s impact in organisations today – particularly how HR leaders are aligned to business outcomes, and the role People analytics and technology plays in this.

We spoke with more than 500 HR and business leaders from across the UK, US, Canada, and Australia. These respondents were drawn from two categories: senior HR roles, including chief people officers and HR directors; and c-suite executive positions, including CEOs, CFOs, CIOs and CTOs. Respondents were from midsize global companies, in traditionally high-growth high-skill sectors such as technology, business services and not-for-profit.

First, we examine how well HR and the c-suite are aligned on business priorities – and the role HR is playing in achieving these. Second, we explore how the c-suite is using, and wants to use, People analytics, to identify where gaps exist and why. Then, finally, we explore the role of technology in HR and the wider business, to examine what plans exist for tech investment now, and in the future.

The need – and the call – for digital transformation has been a recurring theme during the past few years. The pandemic has made it mission critical, creating a shift in attitudes towards HR tech and its value in an organisation. We explore how HR can use the momentum of this generational acceleration and use People analytics to provide insights to truly drive business outcomes.

Yes, the challenges of the last year or so were a baptism of fire, but the strongest steel is always forged in the greatest heat.

Read on, to discover everything we have learned.

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