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How to choose a HR system in 2021: The ultimate guide

by Sage | Digital Transformation

The world of work has never looked so different. With profound disruptions and unprecedented challenges to navigate, organisations are facing more pressure than ever to create a safe environment for their employees and to make sure they remain engaged, connected, and productive. As a result, technology is now even more mission critical than ever before for organisations as they work to build agility and resilience.

However, the HR system of today has multiple users across the business. It’s no longer just HR and People teams who benefit from HR software. Key stakeholders such as the c-suite, IT and Finance can all reap the rewards of an integrated HR cloud system. From business planning and scaling, to meeting compliance regulations; and from streamlining and automating manual processes, to enabling remote working and enhancing insights across the business–each department has a vested interest in choosing the right tech to meet your organisations’ needs.

This guide is intended to help you find an HR system that meets your specific needs and requirements and supports your organisation’s biggest asset–its workforce.

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