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The Challenge

The skills needed to succeed must keep pace with today’s rapidly-changing business environment. As many traditional HR processes are re-imagined and forced to evolve to become more agile and aligned with business goals, such as shifting from annual to quarterly cadence, so too must our learning strategies. To embrace skills that rise in disproportionate criticality, our modern learning strategies must be designed to be inherently agile if they are to be successful, or learning runs the risk of becoming a hindrance to the pace of business. As HR, Learning, and Business Leaders, we are responsible for knowing the rapidly-transforming skills landscape better than anyone, and we must interpret it, as a service, into meaningful learning strategies to accelerate our businesses.

What will we explore?

  • How can we leverage business, talent, HR, learning, and most importantly, skills trends to inform our strategies?
  • As business context shifts, how can we create space within our learning strategies to embrace rapidly rising skills beyond the confines of annual planning?
  • What can we learn from the success and scale of companies (or industries) we aspire to evolve and grow into?
  • How can the skills currently being learned inform our future learning strategies?

What outcomes can I expect?

  • Collaborate with industry peers to ideate and workshop modern learning strategy & planning challenges
  • Leave with practical, actionable, “take-away” concepts you can utilise immediately

Who is the session leader?

Justin Mass

Senior Director, Instructional Design & External Development


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When and where?

28 February 2023 at 14:00-15:00pm GMT | Online

How can I join?

Registration is free for people leaders* – all you need to do is complete the form on this page and select this session.

What is the HRD Collective?

The HRD Collective is learning space designed for senior people leaders to co-create strategies that will shape the future of the industry. With its flexible structure, the HRD Collective is designed for your convenience.

We invite you to attend for the full day of sessions to inform and enrich your People strategy, however we recognize that your time is precious and you may prefer to choose individual sessions, which interest you and suit your availability.

Our digital format allows you to create a bespoke schedule that compliments your diary; all you need to do is select the sessions you want to attend at registration. Plus, you can catch up on any sessions you miss with on demand recordings post-event.


*Places are exclusive to C-level, People Directors, SVP, VP, or Heads of People (or equivalent specialism in talent, learning, D&I, wellbeing, workforce, culture, etc.) from companies with more than 500 employees

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