Keynote: The Changing Landscape of the Future of Work

Speaker: Adam Hawkins, Head of Search & Staffing, LinkedIn EMEA & LATAM

The global pandemic has left an indelible mark on people and businesses. Over the past year, we’ve witnessed millions of people in the hardest hit industries lose their jobs, businesses large and small struggle to survive, and existing societal inequalities widen. At the same time, the new reality has also laid the foundations for many new opportunities for the way in which we want and can shape our work in the future. Now is the time to consider how we reprogramme businesses for growth to enable a more prosperous future. Necessity has driven workplace innovation, and social injustices have spurred businesses to play a leading role in instigating real change.

Capitalising on this momentum, with progressive workplace policies, action on diversity and inclusion, and investing in the professional development of employees, is crucial to building enduring brands and businesses, and attracting and retaining the best talent today and in the future. Given this new reality Adam Hawkins, LinkedIn, will share some of the key trends and opportunities on how organisations are preparing for this digital transformation and building for critical skills.

Breakout Session #1 : Gamifying a Better Assessment

Speakers: Dave Mancl, Global Performance Analytics Director, Manpower Group and Vedran Tolic, Founder & CBO, Q agency