The events of 2020 have undoubtedly left their toll, leaving many organizations navigating an environment that has profoundly changed in very little time. People leaders have been tested as a strategic force, not just for business continuity, but to drive the success and growth of their organizations. Few could have imagined the upheaval forced upon the world of work over the last eight months, but in many ways, this pandemic has accelerated long-discussed workplace practices and organizations’ digital capacity. The wider socioeconomic landscape will continue to shift in volatile and unpredictable ways, so how can business leaders reflect and take insight from this period of disruption to enable success in the future?

As we move into the next phase of what it means to work and live, HRD: A Virtual Experience will focus on the models that are emerging out of the learnings from the past year. How do we build businesses that recognize individual experiences but functions smoothly as a whole? Or create teams that collaborate cross-functionally to put talent where and when they’re most needed? How do we create structures that allow employees to move flexibly throughout their careers and build sustainable skills? Change is a marathon, not a sprint, but you can ensure your organization has the tools to keep up through the uncertain times ahead.

Join us in guiding the way through these times of change and play a role in curating the new business landscape…

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