Establishing Effective Learning Modalities


Ben Eubanks, Principal Analyst, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

Ben Eubanks is the Principal Analyst at Lighthouse Research & Advisory and the author of Artificial Intelligence for HR: Use AI to Build a Successful Workforce.

Ben is an expert in the future of work as it relates to talent, technology, and innovation. His book on artificial intelligence debuted at the #1 spot on the New and Noteworthy list on Amazon upon its release and is currently being translated into Chinese.

Previously an HR executive for a global technology startup, he currently heads up research and operations at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, a human capital advisory services firm. He works with HR, talent, and learning leaders across the globe to solve their most pressing business challenges with a research-based perspective tempered by practical, hands-on experience.

He has developed hundreds of reports, case studies, and other resources to support his life’s mission: making HR better, one HR pro at a time. Ben is the founder of upstartHR, a blog that has touched the lives of more than one million business leaders since its inception, and he also hosts “We’re Only Human,” a podcast that examines the intersection of people and technology in the workplace.

Most importantly, he has four children, a wonderful wife of ten-plus years, and a preference for running in a variety of outlandish races for fun.

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Establishing Effective Learning Modalities

Establishing Effective Learning Modalities

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Establishing Effective Learning Modalities

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