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The 10-step guide to building a compelling business case for an HR system

by Sage | Talent Development

How to influence decision-makers and place HR at the heart of the business strategy.

Automating core processes means you can free up time for the things that really matter: your people and building great experiences for them. Actionable insights mean you can steer your workforce and company through uncertain times. However, HR and People leaders are in fierce competition for the all-important slice of the budget, which makes it vital to build the strongest business case for technology investment.

This guide is intended to help HR and People leaders like you get the financial support you need. You’ll get practical, effective tips on:

  • Understanding and explaining the true benefits of investing in a new HR system and the likely return on investment.
  • Positioning HR as a driver of change throughout your business.
  • Ensuring your HR vision aligns with the business strategy.
  • Getting management and key stakeholders to buy in.
  • Building the strongest business case possible and the most powerful elements to be included

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