ResourcesFeatured resource: Giving employees a voice on global reward and benefits

Featured resource: Giving employees a voice on global reward and benefits

Are you listening? You may be missing a trick…

  • 29% of EMEA employees say they don’t have a good selection of benefits
  • 23% of EMEA employees can’t easily access their benefits
  • ..yet 78% feel pensions and benefits highly impact their loyalty

The latest whitepaper from Thomsons Online Benefits, the number one global provider of employee benefits and engagement software, reveals the perspective of 2,200 employees working in multinational organizations around the world on reward and benefits.

It gives employees a voice on benefits. A voice that is sometimes too easy to forget, but as we will find, can make a huge difference to the effectiveness of your program.

It reveals that employees who feel personally supported by their organisation are more likely to stay with their organization, and over 40% are more likely to classify themselves as loyal towards their employer if they feel that their benefits scheme has a positive impact on their lives. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the insights:

  • 57% want support to improve their mental wellbeing, but only 23% of employees feel fully supported
  • 45% want support in sorting their personal finances, but only 20% of employees feel fully supported
  • 77% of employees who receive support from their employer to take action on their benefits said they would recommend their employer to a friend, as opposed to 25% who do not receive support