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Developing successful leaders in the workplace

by XpertHR

Leadership development is probably the largest and most significant investment in learning and development that organisations will make. Building a suitable cohort of competent, knowledgeable and skilled senior personnel who are able to act consistently and demonstrate behaviours that mirror the organisational values is a core element for business growth and commercial success.

In a challenging business environment that is increasingly uncertain and complex, the quality of leadership and leadership decision-making can differentiate the successful enterprise from the struggling one. It is also a core indicator of wider workforce engagement and good customer relations.

Leadership development programmes can take many forms: they may be formal or informal, and relatively high or low budget, and may cover a variety of issues. Therefore, key decisions will be required on what the organisation is trying to achieve before decisions on content and delivery are taken. It is also critical that measurement of the success of this type of investment is undertaken.

We provide an overview of how to deliver effective leadership development.

Download this whitepaper and explore how to plan a leadership development programme.

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