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Lean Execution and Data for Business Success

In today’s business landscape, organizations are facing an increasing need to do more with less. With budgets tightening and competition for top talent remaining high, it’s more important than ever for leaders to focus on working lean, proving the ROI of their initiatives, and driving productivity and efficiencies across the business. In the face of working lean, the ability to evolve from a novice to a data-savvy individual will be a vital capability for leaders in the people and HR function. Becoming proficient in data will demonstrate its value when collecting and analyzing data on recruitment, retention, and employee engagement to identify areas they can improve their efforts and make better-informed decisions about where to allocate resources.  

With scrutiny of budgets and performance set to continue, it’s expected that the line between operational and strategic HR will become increasingly blurred. Whilst HR and people leaders must continue to prioritize being strategic, there will be a need to get more involved in the nitty-gritty details to ensure that they are being effective and meeting the goals of the business. The HRD Collective will guide leaders to find the equilibrium between long-term planning and attention to detail to achieve the objectives of the company, supported by the development of a data-driven mindset that will prove a vital ability in this pursuit. 

Join us on the 17th May, 2023 for a collaborative exploration of the most pressing challenges facing CHROs and people leaders today. The HRD: Collective is a forum for highly focused learning, fuelling people leaders with the connections and strategies to help them forge the future of work. Come prepared to share, engage and be inspired to face the changing world of work.










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