1. How do we access this event?

We will send you an email which will contain the event experience link – you will need to click on this and enter the email you registered with, to join the event on the day.

2. Do I need to sign in or download anything?

No, all you need to do is click on the live event link and enter the email address you registered with.

3. Is it just like a webinar?

There are screens and you can ask questions and so on; but the real difference here is this is a full-day agenda with interactive components – so as close to an event experience as you can get. There are lots of opportunities to get involved that go far beyond the standard webinar format – such as the ability to submit questions in session to speakers, participate in live polls, unique peer-to-peer networking and interactive roundtables where you able to debate on key topics with your peers in real-time.

4. How many people will be involved?

We are expecting 3000+ HR leaders.

5. Where can I see who is speaking and on what?

You can view all details here

6. Is the event going to be live?


7. Will there be any presentations/slides?

Yes, these will always be visible when speakers are presenting.

8. Can I access the event from any device?

Yes, using any of the latest browsers (e.g Firefox, Chrome, Explorer.)

9. Will the event be recorded?

No, although parts may be captured.

10. Can I see who else is at the event?

Yes, you will be able to see all participants attending during the event and be able to chat/ask questions freely.

11. How do I sign up for a roundtable discussion?

We will be giving details in due course – there will be a separate registration form to register for these. You will then receive a unique link that you will need to click on when your roundtable is scheduled to start.

12. How do I access a roundtable discussion?

Please click on the unique link sent to you upon sign-up when your roundtable is scheduled to start. Please note these roundtable discussions are pre-registered, so we cannot guarantee a place if you have not signed up for these separately beforehand.

13. Can I network/speak to attendees and speakers at the event?

We have ample opportunities to network and speak to other attendees and speakers at the event. As well as unique peer-to-peer networking opportunities, we offer the chance to contribute to polls, ask questions to speakers as well as get involved in interactive roundtable discussions and workshops via video

14. How much does it cost to attend?

The virtual experience is free to attend, providing you are a senior HR leader.

15. How can I sponsor the event?

For more information please contact [email protected]

16. I cannot attend, can my colleague attend instead?

Yes, if they’re also an HR leader.

Is your question unanswered? Please get in touch at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to assist.