The New Role of HR in the Crisis and Beyond

Thursday 10th September | 2pm BST

Over the past few months, responsibility has fallen to HR leaders more than ever to guide their organisations through the crisis and beyond as the world re-adjusts to a new economy and business landscape. The pandemic has propelled HR into position of huge influence with people leaders making key strategic decisions and driving organisational change. But how can CHROs and the People Function deliver against this significant opportunity? It’s not enough to return to how things were before – this is a time for reinvention and it’s up to HR to lead that.  

Join our interactive roundtable to come together with your peers and discuss: 

  1. Where does HR need to focus in this critical period?
  2. What is HR’s role in navigating the journey from return to the workplace to re-invention?
  3. How can HR leaders drive the shift to people-centric organisations and orient towards a shared Purpose?
  4. How can we identify the skills needed for the future and where do we start on our reskilling journey?

HRD Virtual Roundables are open to senior HR professional only and all bookings are subject to approval by the HRD team. For further information please contact Ally Hardisty-Hill

Virtual Roundtable Moderators

Marianne Davies

VP Human Resources, GSK