Reskill and Rebuild your Workforce for a Rapidly Evolving World 

Thursday 21st January 2021 | 2pm UK Time

The pandemic has accelerated transformation beyond anything seen before – whether that’s digital, structural or cultural. As organisations seek to adapt to a changing world, business strategies have been turned upside down and work is being done in new and innovative ways. With job roles rapidly evolving, so are the skills needed in the workforce, leaving organisations with skills gaps that are difficult to fill. 

Join this interactive roundtable for a discussion on how to respond to the skills challenge and how HR technology can help reskill and rebuild the workforce for the future. We’ll explore: 

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Nebel Crowhurst

People and Culture Director, Roche

Nebel has a progressive approach to HR with an emphasis on delivering real business value and impact. Having spent a career supporting the people agenda within various organisations including River Island and Virgin, Nebel has experienced extensive business change and growth. Using modern HR practices to implement fresh ideas on; performance management, agile working, using evidence based practice and tech led approaches has resulted achieving multiple HR industry awards. With real success in helping business leaders to understand the benefits of moving away from traditional HR tactics and truly leveraging the most valuable asset of any organisation … it’s talented people.