How HR leaders can do more with less to connect, recognise and support their people

Tuesday 20th October | 2pm BST

2020 has been a challenging yet pivotal year for HR leaders – they’ve been thrown into unknown territory, expected to have the answers, and to remain calm to guide their organisation through the storm. How can HR leaders do more with less, help prepare for recovery, and build a connected, productive, and resilient organisation with a forward-thinking, people-first approach?

Join us to discuss how repurposing current resources and investments in creative ways can drive the most impact. During this interactive roundtable, we will discuss:

HRD Virtual Roundtables are open to senior HR professional only and all bookings are subject to approval by the HRD team. For further information please contact William Somogyi

Roundtable Moderators

Robert Hicks

Group HR Director | Reward Gateway

Dominic Taylor

Enterprise Director | Reward Gateway