First Impressions Count: The Future of Onboarding

Start:21 Nov 17 12:30 PM
End:27 Oct 17 01:30 PM

This session will explore the future of onboarding; what you need to consider to stay ahead of the game –  ensuring your new recruits are immersed in your culture and equipped with the right resources to perform. Our panellists will discuss:

  • Designing an employee-centric onboarding programme that increases Employee Lifetime Value, employee retention and customer satisfaction
  • Development of appropriately blended onboarding experiences that support the mutli-generational workforce and that connects new employees, from apprentices to directors, to facilitate early social embeddedness
  • Creating the ultimate targeted experience using technology
  • Partnering with the L&D function to take a truly holistic approach to the overall learning experience of new hires, focussing on that journey for apprentices in the workplace

In partnership with Arch Apprentices, hosted by HRD Connect


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