Empowering businesses to build workforce readiness through collaborative planning

The current pace and scale of economic and social change, technological innovations, and disruptive events have been relentless on businesses. Adopting a more agile approach to translating business demand into workforce requirements is crucial and requires a more collaborative and systemic alignment between HR, finance and business functions. Without it, organisations face the prospect of becoming reliant on incomplete or inaccurate data that can hamper business and workforce plans, and risk delivery of results.

How well do you know where the gaps are in your workforce – for both current and future expectations? Does your business have transparency into the costs and timelines to fill these headcount and skills gaps? As we find ourselves amid a turnover and transformation tsunami, HR must align itself even closer to the broader business and financial planning to safeguard the strategic direction and objectives of the organisation.

Join this virtual and interactive executive roundtable for the opportunity to engage with your peers on:

1. The biggest blockers to an adaptable culture that thrives during moments of change
2. Challenges in business planning stemming from poor cross-function communication
3. Strategies to drive transparency and collaboration between key business stakeholders
4. The role well-established planning practices can have in enhancing workforce planning

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