Creating Skills Strategies for more Agile Organisations

Tuesday 24th November | 2pm UK Time

Organisations are facing huge transformational challenges and the ability to pivot quickly is becoming ever more important.  The number one transformation challenge in 2020 is a lack of workforce capability and skills (according to Mercer Global Talent Trends).  Similarly according to executives, investing in future learning and workforce reskilling is seen as the number 1 intervention expected to deliver an ROI.  As such, skills are forming a significant part of the HR strategy for 2021 but to meet these challenges successfully will require fresh thinking on some fundamental issues. How can we reframe our job architecture around skills? What can we do to make our approach to skills as agile as other parts of the business?

Join this virtual roundtable for the opportunity to explore these challenges and discuss some of the top talent and skills planning priorities facing organisations today, including:

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Ed O’Brien

Head of Learning and Development, Europe and Latin America | Ericsson

Ed O’Brien has been Head of Learning for Europe and Latin America in Ericsson since 2017. With over 14 years of learning experience, Ed has been involved in driving transformation programs, delivering key strategic competence solutions and ensuring that he and his team act as coaches and partners to the business. Prior to moving into the learning field, Ed has held Consulting and Product Management positions in Ericsson and Eir. Outside of learning, Ed is a keen runner and even running, there are many ways to learn!