Building Sustainable Mental Health Programs to Prioritize the Needs of your Workforce

Wednesday 17th February 2021 | 2pm East Coast US Time

Although the pandemic has had a devastating impact on physical health, the implications on mental health will likely be longer-lasting. This is a key concern for organisations who face the challenge of helping their people cope with living through a global crisis. There is no quick fix or short-term perk that can solve the problem – how can employers implement a long-term plan to ensure help is available when needed, whether that’s next week, next month or next year?  

Join this interactive session to discuss the steps you can take and the tools you can provide to cater to your employees’ mental health needs, no matter what direction the world moves in. We will explore: 

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David Hanrahan

CHRO, Eventbrite

As Chief Human Resources Officer at Eventbrite, David Hanrahan leads the global human resources team, and plays a key role in leading organizational culture initiatives. David’s career has spanned 18+ years building strong HR teams and talent initiatives across global organizations including Niantic, Zendesk, Twitter, Electronic Arts and Universal Pictures.