Using HR data to inform organisational decision making

Data insights offer HR and people leaders a wealth of opportunities to tap into the mood and motivations of their people. Challenges, for many leaders, persist in how best to holistically use such data to drive a good people strategy. HR data insights, if fully utilised, can also influence the agility of the wider business, giving the organisation the capabilities to deliver on its key values and objectives.

How can we optimise the use of integrated data to unify solutions? What steps need to be considered for a HR data-fuelled strategy to support forecasting, operational efficiency, and business transformation? HR is perfectly placed to support the wider business’ ambitions, and it all starts within the HR function, with a dream data strategy.

Join this virtual and interactive executive roundtable for the opportunity to engage with your peers on:

The key data points available within the HR function.

How to use your data to paint a good people strategy.

How data insights can be used to support better organisational decisions.

The differing opportunities data insights can offer an organisation, regardless of company size

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