The Future of the Hybrid Workforce: Culture, Leadership and Practicalities

Thursday 25th November 2PM (GMT)

Organisations are increasingly making public commitments to driving D&I within their organisations, both because of the moral necessity but also to drive a strong culture. Some of these commitments however are more easily measurable than others – building figures on recruitment and wage equality is more straightforward than understanding the level of inclusion within your business. When it is experience that drives engagement, culture and retention, how can people leaders better understand the actual sentiment of belonging of their employees?

This roundtable will explore Diversity and Inclusion through the lens of belonging. Join to discuss:

  • How to accurately measure the level of belonging within your business
  • How to translate metrics into insight and action
  • What drives feelings of inclusion and belonging
  • Where the new challenges are as we develop new working patterns

Register here and join us November 25 2021 at 2pm GMT.

HRD Virtual Roundtables are open to senior HR professionals only and all bookings are subject to approval by the HRD team. For further information please contact [email protected]>


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