Reimagining Mentoring to Improve Learning and DE&I Outcomes

Thursday 4th November 2PM (BST)

The best methods to grow inclusion and diversity within organisations has long been up for debate. How can you create changes that impact across all levels of an organisation, and tap into personal, challenging and less visible areas like unconscious bias. What can organisations do to tie change in with other areas of development for their employees?

Organisations are now exploring programmes like reverse mentoring for the cross benefits of encouraging leaders to challenge their biases in a productive way, whilst empowering young talent with access to experienced and influential members of their industry.

As we continue to explore the ways in which business outcomes are improved through strengthening DE&I, join this interactive roundtable to discuss with your peers:
• The challenges of implementing creative and impactful ways to fight unconscious bias among leadership teams
• The insights and access that early career talent can benefit from when paired with senior leaders
• How reverse mentoring can support organisations to build development programmes that are effective and inclusive
• How to set up a reverse mentoring programme, and the challenges to look out for.

Register here and join us November 4 2021 at 2pm BST.

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