Improving Business Outcomes Through Inclusion, Diversity of Thought, and Engaging Young Talent

Thursday 30th September 2pm (BST)

Creativity is how organisations thrive – without it, getting left behind is an inevitability. Driving innovation therefore is unsurprisingly at the top of the agenda but becomes difficult when we only hear from the same voices. Diversity of thought is the next stage in the DE&I journey and will have major business impacts in avoiding group think and stagnation.

Tapping into the potential of incoming generations is already a proven method for broadening the creativity to meet new challenges. They are, after all, the next big purchasing power. Organisations like Gucci and Estee Lauder have found such success that they have formalised into ‘Youth Advisory Boards’ or ‘shadow committees’ – acknowledging the value that their youngest employees and customers create in helping solve the problems that don’t always come naturally to senior leaders.

This roundtable will explore how you can reach the untapped potential of the diverse voices in your ecosystem:

  • Why should we commit to finding and listening to new voices and what types of challenges can this help organisations to address?
  • What needs to be put in place to make engagements effective? For example, how do youth councils and boards work? What about focus groups, surveys or other mechanisms?
  • Does this work with external stakeholders? How can we bring in our customers, clients and those we might work with in the future?
  • What role can this play in developing the culture of inclusion needed to ensure young talent will stay and can thrive?

All remaining questions will be collated by HRD and will be shared with Matthew who’ll come back to you to share the report and continue the conversation with you.

This virtual roundtable will be moderated by Kate Philpot, Global Sales Enablement Director, Getty Images.

Register for your place here and join us on the 30th September at 2pm (BST). HRD Virtual Roundtables are open to senior HR professionals only and all bookings are subject to approval by the HRD team. For further information please contact [email protected]>


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