Why Attend The HRD Collective?

Developing long-term strategies had often felt impossible over the last few years – for a plan to be successful it had to be rooted in reality, but what happened when that reality was constantly changing? As we started 2023 under a banner of further economic uncertainty, organisations could not afford to continue to be hesitant in committing to a shared vision and the strategies and investments needed to get them there.

HR leaders had to take the role of active business transformers, managing the balance between investments in people, capabilities, and technology, with the need to be low-cost, lean, and able to reprioritise at a moment’s notice.

On the 28th of February 2023, The HRD Collective Europe explored how HR and people leaders could develop for their businesses the mindsets and frameworks to be bold, experimental, transformative, and most of all ‘future ready.’

Developed through intensive research with our community, The HRD Collective explored challenges such as:

  • Investing in belonging for healthier cultures
  • Launching new and improved employer brands
  • Turning talent management into growth conversations
  • Future-proofing employee skillsets
  • Driving momentum in wellbeing initiatives
  • Updating learning and development to be more accessible and attractive
  • Utilising data and analytics for job crafting
  • Communicating culture and purpose

The event was a collaborative exploration of the most pressing challenges facing CHROs and people leaders, centred around highly focused learning that fuelled people leaders with the connections and strategies to help them forge the future of work. Participants came prepared to share, engage and be inspired to face the changing world of work.










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