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What does our financial future hold?

Our lives are evolving at a rapid rate. We are living in a world of transparency, swift and unpredictable change, and technology that enables us to be globally accessible. Coupled with all these positive shifts, we are also living in a time of excessive debt and financial anguish – not least among our employees.

Debt is not a new issue; it is a problem that each generation faces with their own unique set of challenges and pressures surrounding their financial expectations.

Often, employees have an unrealistic view of how best to plan for tomorrow while faced with the reality of managing day-to-day financial challenges.

As a leader, are you supporting these employees, and do you value financial wellbeing as a corporate responsibility? Find out more below. 

Podcast: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Rewiring leadership with Josh Bersin

Josh Bersin, the world-renowned industry analyst and founder of Bersin by Deloitte, took the time to speak with HRD Connect about the impending HR trends to be mindful of. These include why payment systems are entirely out of date and in need of serious modernisation; the core generational differences between global workforces; and the fundamental skills we will need for most future roles as we enter a new, digitally-disrupted world of world.

“Everything in our consumer lives is making our world easier, simpler and more curated. We need the same thing to happen in the workplace.” – Josh Bersin

Read our exclusive interview with Josh Bersin below.

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