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Acknowledging mental health at work

How can we ensure that mental health is being included within our workplace agenda and that everyone is being educated about the importance of mental health?

According to the recent “Thriving at Work” report, it’s estimated poor mental health in the workplace is costing the UK economy between £1,205 and £1,560 per year per employee. This cost is for all employees, not just those who are experiencing a mental health problem.

What are you doing about it as a business?

Nurturing future leaders

No longer are self-driving cars, advanced robotics or algorithms that set bail terms for offenders or that order stock without human input futuristic scenarios.

Occupational psychologist Dr. Ines Wichert discusses what she believes to be the key ways to develop leaders for the uncertainty surrounding the future of work.

Using retirement analytics to predict the shape of the future workforce

Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are now part of everyday life for businesses.

Working in an environment of constant, disruptive change has major implications for employee demographics and workforce planning, so businesses will require support in answering the following questions:

  • Is our workforce ready for disruption?
  • Do we have the capabilities required to achieve our business objectives?
  • How can we close any capability gaps?
  • When might critical talent leave the business and how can we mitigate the risk?

What will happen to your future workforce? Click below to find out.

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In today’s diverse and complex business environment we understand the challenges facing the business leaders of today. If you’re wondering how to create a profitable organisation whilst ensuring the wellbeing of your employees then we can help put you in front of the visionaries that have done exactly that.

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