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Making diversity in leadership matter

Diversity is at the forefront of the HR agenda but it’s not just about meeting quotas. Diversity in an organisation is typically defined by differences in the surface level attributes of employees, like ethnicity and gender, but also deep-level diversity in terms of the attitudes and experiences they bring to the table.

A team made up of people who possess a mix of different qualities will prove more productive because diverse individuals are less likely to think alike. Collectively, they are able to produce more informed, creative and innovative output. These variances are just as important in positions of leadership.

A diverse leadership team promotes a culture of inclusivity and serves to sew positive beliefs about diversity into a company’s ethos. How can we ensure diversity is present in all forms of leadership?

Interview with Elizabeth Divver, Group HR Director, The Big Issue

Learning from your peers is very important when it comes to overcoming challenges and adapting to new working environments. In a new series launched by HRD Connect we find out how your peers shape and craft their working days. In our latest feature, we spoke with Elizabeth Divver, Group HR Director, The Big Issue.

“If you’re an integrator, your stress level would go up if your access to email was blocked outside office hours but if you’re a separator, you need a clear division. I must be an integrator.” – Elizabeth Divver

HRD Connect’s Editorial Advisory Board

We are delighted to launch our HRD Connect Editorial Advisory Board. It’s important to keep our HR community as informed as possible and with the help of our dedicated Editorial Advisory Board we can do so, our board will be providing their expert opinion across all areas of HR and leadership. With their industry-leading insights and advice, HRD Connect will continue to grow in resource, intelligence, and trustworthy information sources, continuing to enlighten and report across the world of global HR. Click below to meet our board.

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