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Educating for the future skill sets needed at KPMG

Earlier this year, one of my life’s ambitions was fulfilled.  I was invited to Number 10. Well, not me personally, not really, although don’t tell my Mum because that’s what she still thinks. KPMG were invited to an employer forum as part of the Government’s review of Education & Funding, and I went as KPMG’s representative.

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The diversity and inclusion challenges facing HR teams

Most companies are nervous about diversity & inclusion (D&I) issues.

Heightened public and media scrutiny on the behaviour of companies (and their employees) have contributed to this, as have increased requirements on organisations to be transparent on issues such as the gender pay gap.

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The Salesforce Lightning Platform for Employee Engagement: Key Findings

Salesforce provides a system of engagement across the entire employee lifecycle that enables organisations to connect multiple back-end systems of record with one system of engagement.

What were these key findings?

Rewiring leadership with Josh Bersin

Josh Bersin, the world-renowned industry analyst and founder of Bersin by Deloitte, took the time to speak with HRD Connect about the impending HR trends to be mindful of. These include why payment systems are entirely out of date and in need of serious modernisation; the core generational differences between global workforces; and the fundamental skills we will need for most future roles as we enter a new, digitally-disrupted world of world.

“Everything in our consumer lives is making our world easier, simpler and more curated. We need the same thing to happen in the workplace.” – Josh Bersin

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