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So you’re an AI-curious L&D leader, what next?

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AI’s potential in learning and development is vast. Here’s a glimpse of what’s next for L&D leaders exploring AI solutions

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It’s no secret that AI has already vastly affected the way that learning & development professionals design, create and deliver learning and upskilling initiatives. And there’s also no denying that, eventually, AI is going to be used by all employees in one way or another.

So, how can L&D professionals ensure that they are not only getting ahead by upskilling themselves on AI in their disciplines, but also ensuring that their learners are equipped with the knowledge and skills to use AI in a meaningful and responsible way – whether that is in their upskilling journey, or more generally in their everyday jobs.

According to the State of AI at Work report by Asana, there is a general lack of knowledge and certainty among employees around using AI in an ethical and responsible way. 92% of employees are concerned about AI being used unethically, and 18% feel like a fraud when using AI at work.

L&D teams are at the forefront of ensuring that AI is well-embedded into an organization. As an L&D professional, you are able to shape the narrative around how employees use AI to help achieve the organization’s overall goals.

Shaping the narrative around AI

Day by day, we are all learning more about what AI is and what it has in store for the future of the world, let alone the future of work. This is an untouched horizon, and it seems that even tech experts are still figuring out what it all means.

This leaves L&D teams in a unique and advantageous position – they are able to provide upskilling to workforces whose workforce for the most part will have a very similar base understanding of AI and the sooner that L&D can tap into this, the better.

So how can you do it?

The first steps that many L&D professionals are already taking is to upskill themselves with AI.

Recent attendees of an event around all things AI mastery and upskilling had the opportunity to sign up to an exclusive AI upskilling program on the Hive Learning platform.

They have been gaining a deeper understanding of the transformative power of AI in reshaping L&D strategies for businesses, as well as sharing ideas and networking with other leaders in the industry. This is certainly a key step in order to build guidelines around AI usage. You can let a member of the team at Hive Learning know here if you would like more information about this.

Secondly, L&D teams need to provide learners with a safe place to test out the power of AI. An AI-Powered skills academy is a great way to do this easily, as it takes the onus off L&D teams to ensure that everything is secure.

And thirdly, in this safe environment, you are able to effectively deliver training to employees on your organization’s AI guidelines to ensure ethical and responsible use either in learning initiatives or in their day-to-day use.

Interested in learning more about how you can get more confident with AI and empower employees in your organization to do the same? Reach out to a member of the Hive Learning team today.

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