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The impact of earned wage access on employee financial stability and mental health

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Employees have the flexibility to work whenever they want, and sometimes whenever they want. Being paid in a flexible manner, however, remains a new phenomenon. In this talk, Earnin’s Ratesh Dhir provides an introduction to earned wage access (EWA) – a new option for paying workers

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Financial ‘wellness’ is becoming increasingly top of mind for employees and employers alike. With a myriad of options and existing benefits, how do you choose one that makes a true improvement to employees’ lives? Increasingly, forward-thinking employers, from small businesses to Fortune 100’s, are adopting earned wage access (EWA) as part of their benefits offering.

Earned wage access is a service that allows workers to obtain wages that they have earned, but have not yet been paid, prior to the worker’s regularly scheduled payday. With over 50% of employees likely to change jobs for more frequent pay (JD Power Banking and Payments Intelligence Report, March 2022), EWA is critical to recruiting, retention and productivity. Additionally, EWA can provide employees direct positive results, helping them avoid costly payday loans and overdraft fees, while paying bills on time and helping to save money.

In this Lightning Talk, Earnin discuss the steps to implement this powerful financial wellness benefit in your organization (even one the size of Walgreens) in a matter of days – not months.


  • Learn how significant the demand for earned wages access is becoming.
  • See various ways EWA enhances the workplace for employees and employers.
  • Understand how you can deploy this simple but powerful benefit as a competitive advantage for retention and recruitment.


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