Adapt to work everywhere

Part of HRD Connect's latest Collective, Topia's Steve Black explores how workers are adapting to new hybrid working and why mobility will be crucial to the success of new hybrid strategies

Date published
May 25, 2022 Categories

Topia’s latest annual Adapt Survey gathered insight from over one thousand full-time office workers in the US and UK to explore the attitudes towards remote work. The results show an overwhelming majority of employees (96%) feel that flexibility in working arrangements is important when seeking a new job, and 48% of employees believe their company’s remote work policy exists to make it easy for their company to say “no”. The global pandemic has transformed employee attitudes about the nature of work, and companies must adapt to retain and attract the best talent.

In this lightning talk, part of the latest HRD Collective,  Topia’s chief strategy officer, Steve Black takes a data-driven dive into the results of their annual survey and explores the attitudes towards remote work, the drivers of an exceptional employee experience, and the value of mobility. Talking points include:


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