WATCH: Driving diversity and inclusion in the banking industry

Vicky Waters, head of talent, career and development at BNP Paribas, shares some valuable insight, key initiatives and HR top tips for how to drive your diversity agenda forward in 2022 and beyond.

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April 19, 2022 Categories

HRD Connect with Vicky Waters, Head of Talent, Career and Development at BNP Paribas

In this HRD Connect video, senior editor Amy Kirkham talks with Vicky Waters, head of talent, career and development at BNP Paribas about driving diversity and inclusion in the banking industry.

The video covers three core questions:

Vicky discusses how to be an inclusive employer, giving each individual and customer a voice. An inclusive and authentic employer cultivates an environment where people can speak up and add value. This helps to drive progression and innovation throughout the business.

With a goal to promote 50% of women into senior leadership positions by 2025, BNP Paribas are clarifying their D&I strategy and driving forward with ambitious and attainable aims.

The organisation is also actioning several other initiatives, such as bringing their board up to speed as well as leveraging several different committees to ensure every corner of D&I is covered – from women in business, over 30’s, Pride, and parents and carers.

However, with all this in mind, Vicky sums it up well by saying:

“Ultimately [D&I] is about doing the right thing, supporting your people, and your people having a voice to share their ideas and thoughts.”

Here are some of Vicky’s top tips for those looking to drive their D&I agenda forward:


Watch this video to hear all about Vicky Water’s key reflections and top tips for HR today.


0.38 ‐ Why diversity is so important in BNP Paribas

1.45 ‐ D&I initiatives: promoting women into senior positions as a key strategic driver

2.10 ‐ Rising to the challenge: getting clear on strategy

2.43 ‐ The role of committees at BNP Paribas

3.21 ‐ Benefits of initiatives that are tackling D&I challenges

3.54 ‐ Challenges still being faced in the workplace

4.20 ‐ How does BNP Paribas continue to drive D&I forward?

4.50 ‐ 3 key takeaways for organisations looking to drive their diversity agenda


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