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Get ready for September's HRD: A Virtual Experience

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On 15th September, join HR leaders and top brands to cover some of the industry’s most pressing issues.

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On 15th September, join us for HRD: A Virtual Experience, a fully interactive online event on ‘accelerating transformation and embracing change’. Engage with your peers and other industry leaders during a series of immersive and collaborative sessions; create the strategies and mindsets that will drive organisational success in a connected future.

Get ready to learn and share, and leave with fresh ideas, inspiration, and blueprints curated by yourself and your peers, enabling you to proactively lead through change and prepare for the new reality of work. Register for your free place now.

Curious to learn more about the event? Read on to discover some of the key themes we’ll be covering, including workforce planning, talent strategy, workplace equity, and enabling choice and flexibility. Joining us on the day are key figures from the HR space, including Kirstin Furber (Channel 4), Kelly Joscelyne (Mastercard), Ella Bennett (Easyjet) and author Katrina Collier.

Our top sessions include:

Keynote: Creating Safety for and Hearing the Employee Voice

We’ve all seen organisations face the negative outcomes of not hearing their people – from drops in retention to lower productivity, to the more extremes of open letters. Ensuring that employees feel heard in their views is central to a strong employee experience and healthy culture, but many organisations fail to look beyond the occasional survey. We ask the questions but are we listening to the answers?

Join this keynote from thought leader and leadership expert John Amaechi on creating spaces of psychological safety where employees can trust us with the truth.

Speaker: John Amaechi OBE is an OBE, elected Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health, bestselling New York Times author, Research Fellow at the University of East London, and Founder of APS.

Workshop: Creating a Candidate Experience for the Competitive Talent Landscape

There are differing forecasts on how the talent market might shift – a lot of movement while candidates explore new options, or are people seeking stability? However, one thing that won’t change is that the best candidates and skills are in high demand and that organisations need to create a positive experience from the start to stay competitive. Why is there still a disconnect between the candidate and the rest of the employee experience? With changing norms on expectations on both sides of the process, how can you create the best long-lasting impression whilst also finding the best candidate?

Join this session to understand just what a competitive candidate experience looks like in the new landscape.

Speaker: Katrina Collier is the author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter, a well-loved global keynote speaker, and host of The Hiring Partner Perspective (Unedited) podcast.

Workshop: Collaboration, Creativity and Connection: Reimagining the Purpose of the Office

Organisations have long been challenged by maintaining cultures where creativity and innovation thrive. This concern has only been heightened with the increased shift to remote working where collaboration can be more stilted and interactions more transactional. As we make long terms plans for where we work, we have to examine the purpose in the types of work we do and how to achieve it.

This session will explore the steps needed to create spaces and mindsets for collaboration and growth. What skills do we need to equip our leaders with to help their teams and host productive sessions? What does the workplace itself need to look like to facilitate creativity and what tools do we need in place?

Expect to come away from this session with an idea of how employees will gravitate towards workplaces with purpose, which maximise opportunities for collaboration.

Speaker: Mastercard’s Kelly Joscelyne is a senior HR professional with international experience, working in Australia, the United Kingdom and now based in the US. Kelly’s prior employers include HR Partners, Arthur Andersen, HSBC, and PwC.

Panel: HR as a Strategic Driver and Executor

Over the course of the last 18 months, the HR function has been under unprecedented pressure. Initially tasked with making difficult decisions in order to support organisations through the crisis in the short term, HR leaders are now also facing a future which we have no definite blueprint for. However, there can be opportunity in uncertainty. We have an opportunity to reimagine our organisations and the role that HR should take as a strategic player moving forward. How can we ensure that the importance of HR as an influential decision-maker is not forgotten?

This panel will be partly structured by your challenges on the day. Don’t miss your opportunity to ask the panellists your questions on the changing expectations for HR within the business, and not forgetting the human element as the landscape continues to shift.

Speakers: Ella Bennett, group people director of easyJet, and Kirstin Furber, people director of Channel 4.

Sign up here to attend. This unique virtual event experience includes inspirational keynotes, panel discussions, design-led workshops and a number of interactive sessions, all curated to help you shape the future direction of work, the workforce and the workplace.

What’s included in your free ticket?

  • Access to all workshops delivered by expert speakers
  • Access to interactive sessions, including unique design-led workshops
  • Opportunity to network with all of the delegates
  • Access to on-demand content following the event
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