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Employee experience through mindset, with Limeade Institute

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After a year marked by challenges to employee experience, Limeade Institute provides some fresh guidance with its new research on the powerful role of individual mindsets. Explaining further were Reetu Sandhu, Sr. Manager, and Dr. Laura Hamill, chief people officer & chief science officer.

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It’s no longer a fad or a phase; employee experience is an indispensable component of company culture, and should be woven into the fabric of every organisation. As a fundamentally holistic concept, its impacts are far-reaching, with the potential to influence stress, wellbeing, engagement, productivity, retention, and more.

That said, the events of 2020 have significantly challenged this. With social activity suspended, tensions high, and co-located working all but a faded memory, maintaining a thriving employee experience is unsurprisingly a tall order.

Limeade Institute has addressed this very dilemma through its new research, uncovering the powerful role of ‘individual mindsets’. The research proposes that mindsets, such as gratitude and optimism, play a role in influencing almost every aspect of employee performance and wellbeing.

According to Limeade, the timely arrival of this research will provide key implications for us all as we seek to refuel psychological resources and energy in our lives. But that being said, some of the key concepts at play here certainly bear discussion and elaboration.

With this in mind, we were pleased to welcome Reetu Sandhu, Sr. Manager, and Dr. Laura Hamill, chief people officer & chief science officer as honorary guests for this edition of the HRD Live Podcast. While running us through some of the intricacies of the research, Sandhu and Hamill also provided some more general dialogue on the topic of employee experience, its far-reaching influence in the workplace, and the employer’s role in dealing with it.

1:10 – Hamill and Sandhu give an overview of Limeade Institute‘s new research on the role of individual mindsets

7:08 – The role of the organisation in dealing with employee wellbeing

12:43 – How people can work on their mindsets, and how they can ascertain what needs to be worked on in the first place

21:50 – Laura and Reetu’s top tips for implementing this philosophy in the workplace

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