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Sneak peek - HRD: A Virtual Experience with Microsoft, NBC, ING and more

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On November 19th 2020, HRD brings you the latest in its virtual event series: HRD: A Virtual Experience – Channeling Dynamic Disruption. Once again, expect a day of unmissable sessions and an array of senior people leaders from industry-leading organizations.

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COVID-19 has instigated a turning of the tide. Now, the way we define the workplace is different; the way we define culture is different; the way we define work, in the broadest possible sense, is different.

As a result, our industry-leading HR events, which have served to guide and inform senior leaders for nearly two decades, have also undergone significant changes. And to be clear, when we say ‘changes’, we mean transformed entirely. Whilst maintaining the same level of insight and analysis, we now proudly present a 100%-online (and completely free of charge) HR event series.

On November 19th 2020 from 4pm CET/10am EST, we will officially deliver HRD: A Virtual Experience – Channeling Dynamic Disruption; our fifth iteration of the new-look HRD Summit. Once again, the digital HRD community will come together for a virtual deep-dive into the future world of work and people management. Here’s what to expect.

Panel discussions

As the most interactive and communication-centric component of our events, one may have assumed that our panel discussions would be the first to suffer from the switch to a virtual setting. This couldn’t be further from reality.

Whilst still offering the same brand of high-level insight, these sessions now serve to provide a platform on which our speakers can get right to the heart of the constantly changing business landscape, and discuss the most topical issues in a direct and intimate manner. As a result, the format has proven particularly popular in recent months, with representatives from McDonald’s, Google, Intu and many more joining the conversation and sharing their thoughts.

With that, it was a foregone conclusion that these sessions would continue to feature, with two more excellent panels lined up for our November event. And what’s more, the prestigious nature of previous panels is very much set to be maintained, with people leaders from Microsoft, ING, Anheuser-Busch InBev and Hyatt Corporation all gathering to discuss some of HR’s most pervasive challenges and share experiences from their own organizations.

Lightning Talks

Being another tried, tested, and increasingly popular format, Lighting Talks are also showing no sign of disappearing from HRD’s event agendas any time soon. Offering bitesize injections of wisdom between sessions, these talks cover the most important issues in HR technology, leadership training, workplace solutions and much more, assuming a standard presentation format and allowing for a convenient, digestible bolt of knowledge.

This time round, attendees can expect another rich selection of topics to delve into, including discrimination in the talent acquisition space, implementing learning strategies across the workforce, preparing for digital disruption, and much more.


Though we pride ourselves on the variety on display across our agendas, the fact remains that masterclasses are the backbone of our events. Formed of a series of 30-minute presentations delivered by senior figures in the world of HR, these sessions offer attendees in-depth analyses of the most pressing issues from within people management.

Not only do these sessions boast insight and analysis in abundance, but once again, they pose a golden opportunity to offer reactive, up-to-the-minute commentary on what is, at present, a relentlessly wavering business climate.

Finally, this is another format that never fails to bring the best and brightest minds in people leadership, with representatives from Christian Dior, Siemens, and the United Nations all featuring in recent months.


From world-renowned organizations such as Twitter and Thrive Global to internationally-revered speakers such as Bernard Marr, Margaret Heffernan and Trish McFarlane, we always ensure that our keynote slots live up to expectations by delivering the best-in-class.

Our final event of 2020 will be no exception. Filling the first slot will be best-selling author and former VP of Twitter, Bruce Daisley, taking to the stage at 10:05 EST and kicking off the day’s agenda in true style. During a fleeting, 20-minute slot, Daisley will regale attendees with his approach to ‘rebooting resilience’, and explain how a clearer approach could yet save 2021.

Filling the second keynote slot of the day (and the last of 2020) will be Siobhan McHale, Executive General Manager of People, Culture & Change at Dulux Group. This time condensing her wisdom into just a 15-minute nugget, McHale will apply her senior expertise to the topic of HR’s role in disruptive times, and how it can make strides towards creating more adaptive workplaces.

Once again, with virtually unparalleled expertise and insight on offer, our keynote sessions are simply not to be missed.

Finally, aside from the prestigious and industry-leading agenda on offer, attendees will once again be presented with the chance to become part of an all-encompassing, interactive ecosystem for the event’s duration.

From live, public dialogue boxes being available during each session, to a dedicated networking area within the event portal, to various live polls and Q&A sessions being held throughout the day, this iteration of HRD: A Virtual Experience promises to be the most engaging yet.

In nutshell, what we’re offering is a collection of bespoke, technology-led systems and experiences that have been conceived, designed, fine-tuned and executed in-house by the HRD team, and brought to attendees with the sole aim of fashioning the most authentic, true-to-life event experience possible under the current circumstances.

Click here for more information and to register for your place at HRD: A Virtual Experience – Channeling Dynamic Disruption.

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