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HRD Tech Roundup - September 30th 2019

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The employee lifecycle gets the HR Tech treatment this week, as Kronos announce empower employees to take better care of financial wellbeing, Slack put data power in the hands of their users, FirmPlay take referrals into the future, and more.

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Welcome to the HRD Tech Roundup – your one-stop update of everything happening in the world of HR Technology.

The employee lifecycle gets the HR Tech treatment this week, as Kronos announce empower employees to take better care of financial wellbeing, Slack put data power in the hands of their users, FirmPlay take referrals into the future, and more.

So, what’s been happening?

Key Players Announcements:

  • Slack has introduced data residency which will enable users to choose which country and region their data is stored in, to ensure that they properly fulfill corporate compliance requirements and policies. The new feature aims that aim to move their operations into the cloud, but fear the lack of control that brings to managing their data. Slack has also introduced a new web-based classroom called the Slack 101, a tool that will help new users to make the most out of the platform (via UC Today).
  • Kronos has introduced a detailed network of Workforce Dimensions Technology Partners, focused on financial wellness, to help organizations empower their employees with earned wage access, automated savings solutions, and high-impact financial education and budgeting tools. Kronos has offered a robust ecosystem to simplify the program administration, which easily integrates with Workforce Dimensions through the open application programming interfaces of the Kronos D5 platform (via HR Technologist).

More HRD Tech News

  • TrustSphere, a recognized market leader in Relationship Analytics and passive Organizational Network Analytics, announced the launch of the company’s new Diversity & Inclusion MRI offering. Designed to deliver actionable diagnostic insights, the TrustSphere D&I MRI is a market first, providing meaningful inclusiveness measures using passive ONA signals (via HR Technologist).
  • Visier has announced its entrance into the mid-market with the release of a new people analytics solution for midsize organizations. Built from the ground up, and designed to empower mid-sized businesses with their people data, Visier brings over nine years of successful large enterprise customer deployments and over eight million employee data points in its cloud-based operations to the mid-market (via HR Technologist).

New HR Tech Spotlight

  • Indian start-up recruitment platform ZappyHire uses AI to simplify the hiring process. The start-up gives companies flexibility over what tools they would like to use, based on their hiring requirements, and enables companies to speed up their onboarding processes (via YourStory).
  • US-based employee referral acceleration platform FirmPlay has launched in New York. The company has redesigned the referral process by allowing employees to easily sync their contacts from different online networks with the platform, which are then instantly synced with work history, skills, location, and social data (via Benzinga).

HRD Tech Founder Q&A

What is the true potential of HR and how can technology help us to achieve it?

Workforce planning has never been a more precarious exercise. According to The Deloitte Millennial Survey 2018, 43% of those surveyed “envision leaving their jobs within two years, and only 28% are looking to stay beyond five years… up seven percentage points from the year prior.”  In addition to high attrition, a fast-transforming workplace has put a skills war in sway that will rock many organisations to the core.

In this installment of our HRD Tech Founders Q&A series, Danny Hodgson, Co-Founder, Foresight, discusses the power of HR tech in providing business insights to HR leaders, empowering them to effectively plan for workforce gaps in the near future.

Read more.

HRD Live Podcast


What does the future hold for the human at work? Flexibility, automation, personalisation, striving for effective inclusion – our environment is changing faster than ever before, and it’s HR’s role to allow this human transformation to reach its full potential.

How can HR and people leaders create and facilitate this new human transformation, to maximise the potential of their colleagues and employees, and the prospects of business?

On this week’s episode of the HRD Live Podcast, Janine Truitt, Chief Innovations Officer, Talent Think Innovations, joined Michael Hocking, Deputy Editor, HRD Connect, via studio uplink from the USA, for a fascinating conversation that took in topics from across the spectrum of HR, business and human nature. Janine’s insights are unique, powerful, and essential listening for every HR leader today.

Listen via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitchr, HRD Connect, or wherever you get your podcasts. Remember to subscribe for a brand new episode every week!


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